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Beer Packaging

Brewed in the UK. Perfect for exporting.

Are your volumes growing? Are you considering export markets? Do you have a need for custom packaging?

If you are an established brand or one whose volumes are growing rapidly, you are currently exporting or are considering exporting, and require customised packaging solutions, we have the technical expertise and experience to support your development.

Our Story in Beer

McLaren Packaging has been supplying the beer industry with secondary packaging and machine systems for over 37 years. In the early 1980’s, at the time when high cones were the predominant packaging format for can packs in the UK, McLaren obtained the UK licence from Manville Forest Products of Louisiana, USA, to sell, and later manufacture, beer multi packs and basket packs, for use in the UK market and for export, particularly to North America. The market boomed as brands adopted new pack formats and utilised the packs to communicate their marketing messages. McLaren supported the packaging supply with the installation of machine systems, into bottling halls across the country, to automatically erect and pack bottles and cans into their secondary packaging including: multi packs, basket packs, corrugate trays, wraparounds and 0201s.

The model has been and continues to be extremely successful for both parties. McLaren has supplied the sectors leading brands and companies including: Guinness, Budweiser, Scottish Newcastle, Tennent’s and Coors, to name but a few. We understand how bottling halls operate and help our customers plan and configure their line set up to deliver operational efficiencies through the correct selection of their packing equipment and packaging supply.

Products & Services:

Assist with packaging design, specifications and rationalisation

Comprehensive range of standard and bespoke packaging: trays and cases, divisions, basket packs, multi pack sleeves, gift packs and composite tubes

Experience in packaging requirements for export incl. USA and Canada

High quality printing in up to 6 colours + varnish

Machine systems to automate packing: basket packing, bottle packing into sleeves and packing into corrugated cases