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Large Format Corrugate

Even the largest products need to be packaged in a way that ensures the required level of protection during transportation, storage and display.

McLaren Packaging has a unique capability to produce printed, large-format, one-piece jumbo corrugate cases to meet the specific needs of large products.



Large size, maximum sheet 2500mm x 5000mm

Produce in various FEFCO styles

Heavy weight board grades: single, double or triple wall



Printed up to two colours

Full rotary die cut available

Stitched, reinforced taped or glued (or a combination of glued and stitched for added strength)

Palletainers, over-size die cut, octabins, case and cap, mother carton, outer shipper cases, plus other styles

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), wrap around cases, traditional 0201s, trays and mailer packs



Reduced manufacturing costs, two-piece cases become one piece

Reduced labour costs

Superior stack quality when using reinforced tape join

Environmentally friendly – our products are 100% recyclable

Download Large Format Corrugate Product Sheet