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Sourcing the right packaging solution for your product can be challenging. We are here to help you make the process as easy and efficient as possible. We are innovators in paper-based packaging solutions in Scotland for independent brands and global companies. So, we invite you to tap in to our expertise and we can work together to create packaging that is sustainable and creative, as well as meeting your functional requirements.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, but if you have others, please contact us

Why should I choose paper-based packaging over other material options?
  • Made from recycled and managed materials
  • Provides a 100% recyclable packaging solution
  • Cost effective packaging solution
  • Lightweight, premium and protective packaging
  • Flat-pack packaging designs available improve efficiency and reduce shipping costs
  • Wide range of packaging structures and finishes available
What shapes of tube packaging are available?
  • We provide round paper-based tube packaging
  • We provide shaped paper-based tube packaging - oval, truncated oval, rounded squares/rectangles
  • Custom - other shapes can be developed to mirror and best present your product
How sustainable are paper-based tubes for packaging?

Why Choose Us

  • Paper-based tubes are relatively low energy-intensive when compared to wood, tin or plastic packaging options
  • Paper-based tube packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Paper alternative to tin base means the entire tube can be placed directly in recycling, without separation (where required)
  • For shaped tubes, we offer tubes with perforations which make separation for recycling simple
Can I design presentation boxes to suit my product?
  • Yes, all presentation boxes can be designed specifically to suit your product. We have shown examples only on our websites, we have the expertise to develop bespoke packs with you. Please get in touch
  • We work in a manner which best suits your needs to collaborate and work together from original enquiry through to delivery - in person, over email or phone, via Teams or Zoom
  • We offer on-site design sessions as part of our McLaren Experience or BB3D Process.
What is the process for bespoke product packaging?
  • Send us your packaging brief, including target budget if you have one, dimensions of your product and any must-haves or limitations. You can use our online enquiry form
  • We will work together to finalise a CAD packaging design you like and that is suitable for your product
  • We will create prototypes, and/or a fully printed mock up, to fit your product so you can give full approval prior to manufacturing
  • You evaluate and sign-off samples and artwork at each stage
  • We produce your packaging and deliver it in your preferred format (bulk packed or as an assembly via One Stop Purchasing)
What are the packaging options for transporting glass bottles?
  • Naked – where the bottles are packed directly into the shipping case, separated from rubbing together by divisions
  • Individual corrugate boxes – from single bottle corrugate sleeves to e-commerce mailer boxes to protect the glass in transit
  • Cartons – flat-packed folding carton boxes or multipacks can be erected at your site for each bottle to be packed inside for protection and additional branding opportunities
  • Tubes – can be supplied in bulk to your site for repacking into outer cases, or already packed into outer shipping cases, with divisions if required, as a single assembly.
  • Rigid boxes – elevate your product, protecting it and any accessories you may want to send with it in transit providing maximum shelf presence. A corrugate outer is recommended to protect the pack.
What is the lead in time for bespoke packaging?
  • Bespoke packaging samples can be ready in one day via our BB3D Process, or in around 10-12 working days depending on the complexity of your brief
  • Upon approval, bespoke paper-based packaging production can be completed within between 12-16 weeks. (This may vary depending on scheduled orders and work load which our team will discuss with you at time of ordering to ensure we meet your needs and expectations.)
  • Lead times for different packaging formats vary. Please contact us for more information.
I have my finished product, but not sure how to package it. Can you help?
  • We can help you design and create your product packaging from ideas stage through to manufacturing
  • The McLaren Experience and BB3D Experience have been designed for this reason
  • We have highly-experienced packaging design and development teams who will work through the options available to you based on your budget, storage space, product requirements, brand needs and tastes etc
  • Get in touch to find out more
What division options are there?
  • We offer a range of division / divider packaging options in either un coated or coated soliboard or corrugate
  • Find out more
How can I make carton packaging more premium?
  • Carton packaging can be made more premium through the choice of dressed edges, thicker board, finishes, frame structure etc
  • We also have the most advanced print and finishing options available to help elevate the look and feel of your packs
  • Find out more
How much does paper-based packaging cost?
  • Paper-based packaging is cost effective relative to other options - anything from a few pence for a corrugate case or division, to a few pounds for a more premium keepsake rigid box.
  • The cost is determined by a host of factors including the desired format, materials and finishes and quantities ordered
I like my current packaging but I'm looking to cut down costs. Can you help?
  • Yes, we can help you reduce the cost of your packaging through our personalised value engineering process
  • Show us what you have and our experienced team can work with you to find ways to make your packaging more sustainable and cost-effective while keeping as close to your original design as possible
My product isn't fully developed yet, can I still create packaging for it?
  • Yes, we encourage you to get us involved in your product packaging as early as possible in the process
  • We can help to develop the right packaging solution and resize / finalise once you have completed your product development
  • We offer a full product packaging design service for all types of paper-based packaging
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