Sustainable. For Life.

Climate change is the challenge of our generation and sustainability is rightly at the top of the global agenda, generating significant green investment, development of green technology and political initiatives to contribute towards a sustainable transition to Net Zero.

Packaging that promotes and protects its contents, reduces waste and enables efficient recycling, allows brand owners to make a greater contribution towards their sustainability goals. The company that manufactures the packaging has an important role to play within this - that's why we aim for every stage of our processes to be Sustainable For Life.

Learn more about how we are Sustainable. For Life.

Discover our group wide initiatives

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Design for Sustainability
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Emissions Avoidance
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Low Carbon Corrugate
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How we can help reduce your environmental impact

We can work with substrates containing up to 100% recycled content
25% reduction of carbon emissions when producing fully recyclable box designs compared to traditional box designs
158kgCO2e can be saved per tonne of divisions purchased by using lightweight board on our divisions
Our design team can develop innovative rigid boxes that are 100% recyclable
73% less CO2e emissions when manufacturing our shaped composite tubes compared to a fully metal container of the same size
McLaren Packaging’s Sustainability Commitment

We all have a responsibility to protect and positively contribute to the environmental and economic health of our planet, starting at home and within our own business operations.

As producers of premium products within the drinks sector, we understand that you have to communicate and evidence your commitment to sustainability to your consumers, just as we need to do with our customers.

So, we are here to work together, to innovate and deliver a Sustainable For Life approach in developing our packaging, which represents your brand.

We are working hard to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint.

Here are some latest stats from our roof solar panels.

times larger solar install than average UK residential home
kwh of electricity produced per year by McLaren Packaging (enough to power 161 homes)
tonnes of carbon prevented from being released into the atmosphere each year

Did you know?

Producing 1 tonne of paper from recycled material rather than virgin fibre saves 4.4 tonnes of trees and 58% GHG emissions.
Paper and board are circular packaging materials with recycling rates of 80% in the UK.
Although paper products can be recycled the world would run out within 6-18 months without virgin fibre. FSC certified virgin fibre is an important part of the recycling mix.
Corrugate paper packaging fibres can be reused up to 25 times.