Carbon Removal

We are committed to halving our emissions before 2030 and achieving net zero before 2050. Carbon removal plays an important role within our overall strategy. McLaren Packaging at Millhouse allows us to offset future, hard to eliminate, operational emissions, such as from the use of natural gas for heating and diesel for transport as well as emissions from our employees’ commutes and business travel.

Nature Based Solutions

The UK needs to plant 32,200 hectares of new woodland every year (roughly 53.2 million trees) for the next 30 years (equating to 1.5 billion) to meet Net Zero aspirations by 2050. The Scottish Government aims to plant 18,000 hectares per year (30 million trees) by 2024 with a target to have trees covering 21% of land compared to 19% currently.

To support the long term ambition to de-carbonise our economy and business, we have made a significant investment in a carbon offsetting project in Scotland as part of our aim to deliver a sustainable business that has minimal impact on the environment, and a positive impact on our customers and communities within which we operate.

We believe emissions should be sequestered where they are created, via a verified nature-based scheme, which is why we have invested in woodland creation in Argyll & Bute, less than 25 miles from our production sites in Central Scotland. Not only will this help minimise our carbon footprint, it will also help our customers achieve the same.

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Furthermore, as part of our commitment to ethically source paper-based materials for our products, we became Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited in 2017 and extended this to cover the range of products that we manufacture in Port Glasgow in 2022. This allows our customers to demonstrate that they are committed to the environment and to sourcing their packaging both ethically and sustainably.

Accurrach, Scotland

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