Design For Sustainability

We share your commercial and ethical requirements to create sustainable packaging. As an innovative business, McLaren Packaging thrives on offering solutions which both elevate your brand, and improve your environmental credentials.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design incorporates an environmentally friendly approach, considering natural resources as part of the design process.

Design choices have an impact throughout the material and product lifecycle. They are key drivers in enabling more circular products, re-use and recycling and provide opportunities for integrating recycled material into new products.

Integrating sustainable design principles into the overall product design process can help you significantly improve the environmental credentials of your product packaging.

Design for sustainable sourcing criteria include:

  • Use of virgin raw materials from certified sustainable sources
  • Use of renewable materials from sustainable sources
  • Use of recycled materials / fibers

Efficient resource use includes:

  • Selection of raw materials with lower embedded emissions
  • Reduced material use
  • Avoidance of unnecessary material use

Design for recycling considerations include:

  • Use of easily identifiable recyclable materials
  • Use of materials that can be widely recycled using existing technology and / or processes
  • Product design to allow different materials to be easily separated

The carbon footprint of your product

The first step towards improvement is measuring the climate impact of a product.

We can accurately calculate the carbon footprint of our packaging, capturing the Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions associated with the manufacture of our products.

Scopes 1 & 2

  • Sub-metering of key production equipment allows us to accurately measure the gas and electricity usage of our conversion processes to calculate associated carbon emissions

Scope 3

  • We maintain a database of carbon emissions associated with the various raw materials we use, employing a combination of accurate product specific detail and UK government approved data
  • We include transport emissions associated with movement of raw materials to our site and movement of finished goods to yours

Integrating eco-design principles into the overall product design process can assist brands on their journey to net zero emissions.

Check out our products in detail to see how each is designed for sustainability

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