The burning of coal, natural gas and oil for electricity and heat is the single largest source of global greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to renewable sources of electricity and investing in energy storage, we have an opportunity to reduce our emissions and contribute to a cleaner atmosphere.

The 1,520 solar panel installation at our facilities in Port Glasgow is the largest in the Inverclyde area and, at 375kW, it is 150 times the size of an average residential install producing close to 400,000 kwh of electricity in a year (enough to power over 160 homes).

Packaging production powered by the sun

Our on-site manufacturing processes are energy intensive.

The array of solar panels

  • spans two of the main factories in Port Glasgow
  • covers one third of our electricity requirements with clean energy throughout the day
  • returns energy to the national grid out of hours and at the weekend

Since 2015, 33% of our electricity has come from solar energy and we are proud that our C02 savings have reached

  • Over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 saved
  • equivalent to 97,562,150 smartphones charged

Our goal is to increase our use of renewable energy in the future.

Renewables Statistics

We’re working hard to reduce our energy consumption and our carbon footprint. Here are some latest stats from our solar installation

times larger solar install than average UK residential home
kwh of electricity produced per year by McLaren Packaging (enough to power 161 homes)
tonnes of carbon prevented from being released into the atmosphere each year

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